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About Reified

A year or two ago I discovered the world of food blogs. The first few weeks I spent drop-jawed, busily reading through archives, elated to discover so many obsessed with my obsessions. As time went on, my reading branched out and I discovered design blogs and other blogs on this and that. Wowed by it all, wanting to join in the fun, I've meant to start my own blog for months to collect everything I want to share with others. Now I've finally done it.

I'm a twenty-eight-year-old American and have lived in Berlin since 2001.


I visited Berlin in the 60's when it was still a divided city. Quite a different city compared to the vibrant dynamic place it is now.

discovered your awesome blog today doing (food) research for my visit to berlin in august. super excited! thank you for all your beautiful posts.

Susan, glad to help! Do just get in touch if you have any questions. One day I will put together more of a proper guide but for now a lot is still stuck in my head...

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