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Roasted beet soup


At this time of year very few of the vegetables look at all appealing, and if you’re forced to forsake fresh and leafy and tender, then it seems logical to go quite firmly in the other direction, and fill your paper bag with beets. These rough brown numbers had a solidity I found appealing, spotting them in their plastic crate at the BioCompany, and the texture of their skin suggested that, their tough exterior notwithstanding, they had not been hanging around the cold store for too long.

My soup craze shows no signs of abating, and a bit of light roasting and chopping was what I was in the mood for this evening. The beets did take a full hour longer to cook than the recipe had advised, perhaps because they were significantly larger than the vegetables that writer had in mind. Still, the soup itself was velvety and aromatic, with the rich depth of a root vegetable and an extra layer, sensed more than tasted, of the dark red.

Recipe: I followed this Epicurious recipe with so few variations that it's not really worth posting my own. (I substituted another small onion for the leek and used a small pinch of dried thyme as I had no fresh; this didn't harm the taste at all.)



Thanks for this recommendation. Made last night -- delicious, goes well with some black bread.

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