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E Dehillerin/Paris apricot tart


Of course the best part of coming home from holiday is tearing into all the packets you shored up against the anticlimax of being back. My tart pans from E. Dehillerin were quickly put into service to make Patricia Well's (or Verlet's) extraordinarily easy apricot tart, and that, with a cup of Chandernagor, was as soothing as I had hoped.

Note that my 23-cm/9-in tart pan took only about 90% of the pastry; dab hands at imperial to metric conversions will quickly note 4 oz of butter can't possibly be 12 g (I used 112 g, and 157 g for the flour); unsure of what Wondra is, I took a tablespoon of the potato flour brought back from Paris; and the Affenbrotbaum or baobob honey I bought from the ever-eloquent salesman at the Miriam Eva Kebe stand at Kollwitzplatz was perfect for the filling.


There is another conversion error in that Epicurious Verlet apricot tart: 1/2 cup creme fraiche is not equivalent to 250 ml of the same, but rather to 125 ml. Which quantity did you use originally (I know that you doubled the custard filling amount later)? Thanks.

Lena, I used 125 ml originally. Sorry to be replying so late!

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