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Grub Berlin!

I was too busy having fun to take a single decent photo of the evening, but that can't stop me from writing about the joy that was the first Grub Berlin. I was thrilled when Rebecca shared her idea of duplicating the monthly food event her sister organizes in Berkeley -- an all-comers potluck sounded like just my thing -- and last night exceeded all my expectations, with a wonderful multilingual crowd and two groaning tables laden with so many autumnal treats that I can't even begin to itemize them.

For those whose pulse quickens at the thought of such an event, do email me for details of the next one (tentatively slated for January). And here is Rebecca's explanation of Grub: "Grub is a gathering of diverse people coming together for a delicious meal, good company, and good conversation; sort of a modern potluck in which everyone will cook something to share. Grub is also a way to practice the ways in which buying and cooking with food that is grown locally, organically, and sustainably both tastes good and can improve our community and the world. This isn't always possible, but it’s a nice goal!" I think so too.


just dropped by to say hi. Hi :)

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