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Raw milk in Berlin


Does everyone know about this raw milk, now available in eo and, presumably, other organic shops too?


Oh that's really great. I can only get raw milk at the farmers' market for now. Cute packaging too.

Why should Vorzugsmilch be better for me if they advice you not to consume it during pregnancy, illness or other situtations where your immune system might be affected?
I mean, milk is made for cows right? I am not a cow. So heating it shortly makes it easier to digest, and putting it a centrifuge homogenizes the fat drops to a smaller and more homogenous size - which too makes it easier to digest. what's bad about that?

Tommy: *Isn't* the cow jaunty?
Bleistifterin: I suppose you're quite right, but I sometimes can't resist the urge to be food-trendy. And after dutifully having avoided most of those things pregnant women are supposed to avoid, it's rather a treat to flaunt the warnings now!

Sorry to be picky, but actually the homogenizing breaks the fat down into molecules of a size that your body is no longer able to recognize as fat/food, so these molecules buzz around your system undigested, nicely coating the walls of your blood vessels on their way and thus contributing to heart disease. The basic rule is anything food-engineered is never as good for you as the natural version. As for whether we should be consuming such vast quantities of milk (prenzlauer berg must get through gallons and gallons a day!), that's another matter...

love the blog btw.

Chendaberry, thanks for your input! Now I feel vindicated at having been excited (though I have to confess I was excited most of all by that dashing cow). Glad you like the blog!

BR - as long as it is tasty and neither you nor the baby suffer - what the heck! (Congratulations btw!) - after all, unlike the rest of prenzlberg I assume you don't drink it by the gallon...
I have my 100ml milk each day in my muesli, but my boyfriend loves fresh milk with his dinner. I usually comment that "milk is for small cows to become a big cow, and I don't wanna become a big cow any time soon..." -it's just not a *drink* imho...
Chendaberry, you are probably right about food-engineering. but then again, you are not. .. After all, even boiling, frying etc. is a way of engineering food. and you know, potatoes or beans are good healthy wonderful food - but you should not ever eat it raw. Otherwise - I totally agree with you.

The enzymes! Don't forget the enzymes! And all the beneficial bacteria that are being sacrificed on the questionable altar of homogenization. Just because something is not recommended for an infant doesn't mean that it's not good for the adult body. Nothing is more beneficial, in my opinion, than a glass of wine with a good meal - despite the fact that I wouldn't serve the wine to my 2-month old. And raw milk simply tastes better.

where is eo?
i've been looking for raw milk.


the eo link doesn't work. could you tell me where it is? I would love to find raw milk!


Eek, sorry to have left this open for so long. Yes, EO closed down a while ago... Talya, I'll call around and see what I can find out. I've see it here and there at organic shops but nowhere consistently. Let me see if I can find a trusty source or two!

Gives details of Raw milk suppliers in Germany.

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